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  • “Q-Quest is a very valuable research partner. They acclimated themselves very quickly to our business and in doing so are able to often times present new and different perspectives that enrich the research learnings and action opportunities for clients.”

    Jon Harvey Manager, Global OTC Marketing
    Research, Derm & Innovation
    Novartis Consumer Health, OTCRm.
    2142, 200 Kimball Dr.Parsippany, NJ USA
    07054 Phone: (973) 503-7403

  • “I have been working with pleasure with Q-Quest for more than 4 years, my experience is positive, the agency works neatly, they thoroughly explore client’s categories and aspire to get into their specifics, the reports are structured to the client’s needs with a good level of analysis”

    Julia Semigina, Market Research
    Insight Manager, Beiersdorf,
    phone: +7 495 248 0042

  • “I have worked with the Q-Quest team across a number of strategic qualitative research projects over the last few years and have found them to be an excellent partner agency. They are efficient and precise on set up and recruitment even when the recruit is tougher / more complex.

    They also bring considerable experience and cultural expertise to every project they conduct, adding a dimension to the research that I have found extremely useful in building deeper, more actionable insights into Russian consumers and their relationship with brands and NPD.”

    Tom Rowley – Head of Insight,
    Brand Genetics

  • “I have worked with QQ on a number of projects, in different categories, over a number of years. Russia is a difficult market in which to find high quality research, and researchers who have the same standards of integrity, professionalism and insightfulness as the best consultants in W Europe; after a number of unsatisfactory experiences with other agencies, Qualitative Quest is the company I would now always call for work in Russia.

    Their work leaves me with a strong sense of confidence that their conclusions are intelligent and well – founded. It is also creative – they add value by moving on from what they have heard/seen in the research sessions also consider what that means for the brand or business >>

  • >> Communications are good (their English is excellent – a huge benefit given my non-existent Russian!). They have a clear understanding of the cultural divides between our countries and are keen to make sure that this is addressed in their feedback. Consequently, the research is very rich, giving me powerful insights into the cultural context of the market as well as the specific findings of the research project.

    I’m left feeling confident not only that I understand how Russian people think or feel about the brand in question, but I also understand the reasons why.

    I work with many researchers all over the world; QQ is one of my favourite research partners any where.”

    David Spenser, Owner,
    Direct Dialogue, Willow House,
    Fresigfield EYE IP 21 PE UK,
    Tel + 44 1379 58 68 50
    Mob + 44 7831 104610